The Sexy Lower Back Tattoo

A very few spots are present on a woman’s figure. The most popular belief is that the lower back and the nape are two such sensual spots. One way of expressing a woman’s confidence in her own sensuality is by getting a tattoo. Therefore, a sudden rise in popularity is being witnessed for lower back tattoo among those women who carve for a tattoo. Read on to know more about the sexy lower back tattoo.

Allure of Lower Back Tattoo
The lower back tattoo fulfills a woman’s desire and acts as a sensual yet secret symbol. This area can either be slightly exposed or hidden by a woman’s wardrobe. Men usually find this area very alluring. A man and woman can thus share this as an intimate and special secret. These lower back tattoos are available in different design style and size.

Variety of Lower Back Tattoos
There is a huge variation in the design and style of lower back tattoos. The design and size share some similarities among them. Most often these are small in size. Also, these tattoos form a shallow curvature which perfectly fits the natural curves of the hips. Lower back tattoos are meant to enhance and accentuate the sensual back. Hence, the tattoo almost merges with the natural symmetry.

The most popular designs include flowers, vines and stars. The flowers represent the strength and female form. Also, few of the designs encompass winged design which enhances the natural beauty of the female form. Among the flowers, roses are quite popular. But now there is a huge trend of customized tribal designs among women. These are unique in style. Also, these are ancient symbols of fertility and strength.

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