Lower Back Tattoos of Butterflies

One of the prettiest and beautiful feminine lower back tattoos are the butterflies. This is an beautiful tattoo design which makes a bold statement. This can be either done in full vibrant color or in the form of line art. Butterflies are associated with several symbolic meanings and beautiful legends. Read on to know more about the lower back tattoos of butterflies.

Legends About Butterflies Tattoos
Many mystical poems and stories are associated with butterflies. If you relate to the folklore and songs about the butterflies, you may have a more clear idea of the deeper meaning behind the lower back butterfly tattoo. There is a strong link found in the Native American culture.

According to their culture, you should capture a butterfly and slowly whisper your prayer. This will fulfill your heart’s desire as the butterfly carries your wish to the heavenly skies. Only the Great Spirit can hear your prayer as you set the pristine winged creature free to return to Him.

As Symbols
Butterflies are considered to be independent and carefree. Hence, they symbolize the lightness of being. Also, these beautiful creatures symbolizes nature’s beauty. These winged creatures represent change as they gradually transform from caterpillar to beautiful butterflies.

Ideas For the Tattoos
For most tattoo genre, the beautiful winged creature will work as an accent or the prime subject. These can act as an ornate craft for a tattoo design or lend an aura of femininity to a tribal tattoo design. Otherwise, they can be act as a simple design on their own.

A few of the suggestions for lower back tattoos of butterflies include:

  • Mourning cloak – It is a non-solitary type of butterfly. These beautiful and elegant creature perfectly enhances the beauty of a memorial tattoo.
  • Question mark – If you have an enigmatic personality, this magical tattoo is appropriate. The butterfly tattoo design derived the name as on the lower wing, the butterfly bears a question mark.
  • The monarch – A well reputed black and orange butterfly. They are renowned for their love of traveling. Every year they migrate from North America to Mexico in the fall season.

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