What are Temp Tattoos?

A temp tattoo or temporary tattoo is non-permanent tattoo. It resembles a true tattoo. Temp tattoos can be airbrushed, painted or simply drawn as a form of body art. But mostly, these tattoos are transferred to the skin. These tattoos are inked for various purposes which include factors like advertising, identification and most importantly, self-expression. Read on to to know more about temp tattoos.

Many actors, for example, might take temp tattoos painted on their skin either using stencils or by hand. This is a part of their cosmetic ritual which helps them in adding their character’s distinctiveness. Here is a list of types of temp tattoos.

Banana Pen Tattoos
This type of tattoos are directly applied to the skin with the help of any normal pigment/oil-based ballpoint pens. They closely resemble the look of a real tattoo. However, these can be easily removed with soap water. Another effective way to remove these tattoos is hairspray.

Prison inmates are famously known to fashion or design ballpoint pens into real tattoo machines. Although, a normal ballpoint pen can make an imprint of a realistic tattoo image on the skin’s surface. At the recipient’s discretion, these tattoos can be easily removed with plain soap water.

Lennie Mace, the famous ballpoint pen artist, made a success in Tokyo and New York club circuits in the mid 1990’s. He used to draw on anyone who spared their time for him to draw. Many music videos and movies have involved his acclaimed embellishments.

Henna Tattoos
This type of tattoos are also famously known as Mehendi. This comes from a south Asian tradition. The leaves from the henna plant, Lawsonai Inermis are powdered to form a henna paste. Lawsone, an active dye present in the leaves, binds with keratin present in hair, fingernails and skin.

Delicate patterns are drawn on the hands and feet as per traditional henna application. However, modern henna is being widely applied in various designs anywhere in the body. This type of temp tattoo only allows shades of near-blacks, browns and reds.

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