What’s the Meaning Behind Your Tattoo?

Behind each tattoo, there is a story. No matter what kind of design your tattoo has, the image of your tattoo may be associated with a unique legend. So, Have you any idea of the meaning of your tattoo? Let’s examine which one suits your story.

  • A tattoo is just a tattoo
    If you see a tattoo of petunias, don’t take it seriously. Even though an image of petunias represents ”anger and resentment”, it doesn’t necessarily stand for that reference. Many of these symbolic meanings are used for entertainment purposes, but not some scared commandment you have in your mind. One can choose every style he/she wants, without sticking to what he/she sees and hears. A tattoo design is not a matter of what the image stands for, but a matter of what you think of it.
  • A tattoo for caution
    There is a wealth of information for you to match a specific meaning to a specific tattoo image. A particular tattoo sometimes has more than one meaning. Words like ”Get Out of My Sight’ are really negative. Some people are tattooed with cautious words to keep distance from others. It is common and natural to convey personality.
  • A tattoo bears what you believe
    Your tattoo may bear various beliefs. Religious identity, military service, social status, memorial for loved ones and your values and wishes all can be tattooed on your skin. You can express what you believe without any words but with some images or pictures. Sometimes, tattoos also target the long-term wishes of couples. Two partners can get tattooed with words like ”Forever & Ever”. Each of them gets one word on their lips.

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