Thai Tattoos


In Thailand, most men get tattooed for the sake of spiritual and religious faith. For Thai people, meaningless artistic displays are not what they pursue. As such, Thai tattoo are always related to the religion of Buddhism.

The most popular style of tattoos in Thailand are the images of Buddhist deities and Buddhist temples. These images are believed to have a magic power to protect them. Thai monks use India ink to make tattoos. Very often, the process of tattooing is accompanied by Buddhist prayer.

Thai tattooing is done by hand rather than electric needles. Meanwhile, they don’t change tools very often as you would in Western tattoo studio.

With the the accessibility of Thailand as a tourist country, Thai tattoos play a secure role in conventional profiles. Many tourists will get a Thai tattoo to commemorate their nice day there.

What you should know before getting a Thai tattoo:

In Thailand, the level of hygiene is different from Western tattoo in that Thai artists don’t sterilize tattooing tools frequently. As a result, make sure to minimize the possibility of blood borne infection.

Thai tattoo uses hand instead of an electric needle. In this sense, it takes much longer time to finish a tattoo. However, any perfect tattoo is done at the expense of time and patience. Be ready to sit for long periods particularly if you want to get tattooed in a large area.

Since Thai tattoos are done with hand, the lines are not as clean as tattoos done with electric needles.

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