Top 10 Tattoo Artists

Tattoo is a special way show one’s personality. It strongly expresses an individual tendency to something or somebody and conveys profound personal wishes. A nice tattoo is more than a body art, but significantly show the fantastic creativity of a tattoo artist. Here we come up with top 10 tattoo artists.

  • Brandon Bond
    Brandon Bond is one of the remarkable, published and award winning artists all over the world. He owns the thriving All or Nothing Tattoo empire in Atlanta, Georgia and a publishing company which sells tattoo related products. He is a compulsive workaholic and devotes most of his life to tattooing.
  • Mike Devries
    Mike Devries is regarded as one of the top artist in the States. He is a young but competitive artist, whose tattoos are featured by ultra realistic color that looks like they will jump out of the skin any time. Mike claims that he likes any real things such as animals, portraits and pin-ups.
  • Jesse Nesse
    He ranks top in tattooing field. He is specialized in custom color tattoos and cover up tattoos. He is the owner of Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo in South Omaha. It is a shop exclusive for custom tattoos.
  • Guy Aitchison
    Guy Aitchison is one of the top artists in his field. He is famous for large color bio-mech tattoos. According to Guy, tattooing is a very critical type of commercial art, the success of which all depends on the implication of clients. As a result, a really nice tattoo is combined the dedication and flexibility of an artist with a flow of fresh ideas of the clients.
  • Bob Tyrrell
    He is well known for his realistic gray and black portraits. His tattooing is characteristic of wicked realism. His portraits look as though they are able to jump out the skin and join your conversation.
  • Ryan Dearringer
    As an awarding winning artist, Ryan is one of the fresh breed of tattoo artists who are likely blend art with its all splendors and wonders, into the design of tattoo. He absorbs all styles and influence of art and push the art of tattoo into new levels. He believes that a tattoo artist should be an artist first and then a tattoo artist.
  • Nick Baxter
    Nick Baxter targets large scale color tattoos. He sees tattoo as a rewarding medium to display the personal interaction and art. He is always trying to push his genre to a new height.
  • Aaron Cain
    He is noted for his bio-mechanical tattoo style. His work is featured by thick lines and hard edges. He has risen up to one of the top custom tattoo spectrum.
  • Paul Booth
    Paul Booth is a distinguished tattooist. He creates portraits of everything evil. Paul Booth has become a household mane for his great attempt to elevate the art of daily things into tattooing.
  • Carson Hill
    Young as he is, he is a bio-mechanical master in his field. He bring manifestation into subtle message throughout his artwork.

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