How to Take Care of Your Fresh New Tattoo

It is a thrilling experience to get a fresh new tattoo. You must be eager to show off your new body design to your friends. However, do you know how you care for your new tattoo in the initial few days determines how the tattoo will look in the future?

A tattoo acts like an investment, which will bring enjoyments for many years to come, if you care for it from the beginning. Otherwise, a fantastic tattoo will turn into a disaster no matter how professional the artist is.

Here we present some aftercare guidelines:

  • Follow Your Tattoo Artist
    The best starting point is from your tattoo artist. Your tattoo artist will have some specific aftercare instructions after finishing his/her masterpiece, since he/she will never let the time and energy-consuming creation disappear like a drop in the ocean. Your tattoo artist may give you a note of clarification. Don’t feel silly asking for instructions.
  • Keep it Covered up
    The excitement of getting a fresh new tattoo may make you expose your tattoo to your friends. Bear in mind that the removal of bandage will make your open flesh vulnerable to bacteria and infection. Leave the bandage alone for a minimum of three hours! The bandage will serve as an occlusive seal that can protect your skin from exposure to sun, water and other agents.
  • Wash and Treat
    When it comes to removing the bandage, lukewarm water and non-scented products are highest recommendations and the bandage will easily lift right off. Gently rinse the tattoo with antibacterial soap to wash away any blood and ointment. Use your own hands rather than some abrasive clothing. Dry the tattoo with a clean towel or paper by patting softly on the tattoo.

There are some tattoo lotions that help heal the tattoo. Ointments with A & D vitamins, antibacterial ointment, Tattoo Goo or H2Ocean are also helpful.

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