The Negative Effects of Tattoos

Tattoo is regarded as a fashionable body art. It has evoked wide fancy throughout the whole world. People pursue this incredible mark fixed upon the body either for beauty, sex, belief or simply for catching attention.

However, tattoos are frown upon by many people. Tattoos are seen as dirty and gross body designs. Their damage to one’s body may be beyond people’s expectation. In today’s society, some employers refuse to hire staff who have tattoos and will fire staff who make tattoos during work.

The rapid development of tattooing witnesses increasing problems along with tattoos.

  • Financial Risk
    Body art is costly. A average tattoo studio charges a tattoo at $100 per hour. A very simplified tattoo needs two or three hours. If one wants a complex one or a more fashionable one, one has to spend a lager sum of money. After getting the actual tattoo, one has to buy skin lotions to take care of the tattoo until it is completely healed. The healing process takes around 6-7 weeks. More worse, if one has infectious diseases because of the tattoo, one has to spend a lot on the treatment. One never knows how much one will pay in the whole process of getting tattoos.
  • Infection or Diseases
    It is common that one ends up health problem. Usually, abstraction tattoos use black inks which are made of toxic metal dyes. Black inks easily cause skin cancer and melanoma. What’s worse, one may get Hepatitis, a well-known infection. After getting a tattoo, if one feels high fever, red streaking leaking from the tattoo and puss extending from the the would, one has to take great attention, since these signs predict serious health risks.

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