The Art of Tattoo

As a form of body art, tattoo is seen as a permanent marking on the body. It is a popular practice throughout the world. There are various types of tattoos designed by the tattoo parlors. Here, we present some information about the art of tattoo. There are essentially five types of tattoos.

  • 1. Abstraction Tattoos
    Abstraction tattoos are one of the most primitive styles of tattooing, which are simply completed by using black ink and classic gray shading rather than too much artwork. Younger men prefer abstraction tattoos made around their chest, navel and calves, while older men like tattoos made in their arms and upper back. There are some well-known abstraction tattoos such as tribal and Celtic style, Chinese symbols and Old English lettering.
  • 2. Naturalistic Tattoos
    As ”naturalistic” suggests, these designs of tattoos are realistic and authentic, involving a lot of details. The tattoo parlors use special skills of shading or perspective to make naturalistic tattoos. Since they are full of details, they cost time and energy, thus are more expensive. The faces of Native American and religious leaders belong to naturalistic tattoos.
  • 3. Dedication Tattoos
    Referred to as ”pledges”, dedication tattoos were popular with sailors in western tradition in the past but not present. They are seen as part of the standard tattoos, due to the average price of these tattoos. These tattoos include banner style and heart style tattoos.
  • 4. Simplification Tattoos
    As stylized tattoos, simplification tattoos are made in wide shapes, sizes and styles. Simple figures like a tiger or a flower are used in these tattoos. Commonly, the figure one chooses stands for some meanings. For instance, lion is popular, since it is a symbol of strength and power.
  • 5. Complex Tattoos
    Complex tattoos are combined with artworks. As a result, they are more imposing and outstanding than other types. One example of a complex tattoo is Japanese body suits. They are half-sleeves and combined with unrelated images.

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