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David Arquette is more popularly known as husband of ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox. David is also known for his versatile career skills. He was involved in acting, directing, producing and surprisingly wrestling! He has been the World Wrestling Champion in the WCW federation once. Coming to his personal issues. He married Courtney Cox in 1999. David also has some tattoos which are spread across his body. He has around 4 tattoos in all etched on his body.

Tattoos of David Arquette
Tattoos have been a common sight in the Hollywood celebrities. David is no different from the other celebrities. Although Courtney doesn’t have any, he sure has an inclination towards tattoos. Here is a list of tattoos that can be seen on David!

Chest tattoo – He has one big chest tattoo on the right side of his chest. The tattoo is more like a Heart shaped design. The heart has two horns on the top in between which flames are coming out. The tattoo has no particular meaning. The size of the tattoo is around 3 inches long and wide. The heart shaped design is completely filled with black ink and the flames are also done in original black ink.
david arquette tattoo
Abdomen tattoo – Another of David’s tattoo is on his abdomen. This tattoo is also placed on the right side of his abdomen. The tattoo is of a devil who is holding a pitch fork. Design is of a devil woman. This may mean some of his sour relationships which he might have had in the past. The tattoo is well placed and is also done in complete black ink. Devil tattoos are some of the rare tattoos which people have on their bodies.

David Arquette4
Leg tattoos – He has tattooed both his calves with eccentric designs. On his right calf he has a large dragon tattoo which is on the outside of his calf. The dragon design is of a tribal dragon design. The tattoo is simple yet elegant. This is the one of his non- devil tattoos. On his left leg he has tattooed some design which is not clear what it is. But one thing is sure that is this tattoo is also fairly a big tattoo.

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  1. I just can’t believe Courtney’s getting divorced. So depressing.

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