Summer Altice Tattoos

Summer Altice is the 100th sexiest women in the 2002 survey of Stuff magazine. She is also seen in the movie “The Scorpion King”. There are not many notable performances of Summer, but she is a regular name in the Playboy mansion. There are many a times when she was featured in the Playboy magazine. Her soft and luscious looks are complemented by few amazing tattoos placed perfectly on her body. She has around 5 tattoos in all.

Tattoos of Summer Altice
She mostly has butterfly tattoos and symbol tattoos. One of her best tattoos is a tramp stamp which she has. This tattoo is a colored tattoo and is fairly big for a tramp stamp. The following are some of the tattoos she has got.

Back Tattoos – Summer has 3 tattoos in all on her back. She has one tramp stamp one just above her midriff and the last one on her neck. All the tattoos are color tattoos and they are neatly done too. The tattoo on her mid riff is one of the best tattoos. The tramp stamp of Summer is of a dolphin and a butterfly combined. The body part of the butterfly is actually a dolphin. This you can make it out with a closer look. The wings of the butterfly are rather big and well etched. The wings are colored in purple and they are well described. The tattoo on her mid back is that of a Trishul, which a weapon used but the Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is an Indian god who is the king of destruction. The tattoo is colored in gray and flame colors. This is a very auspicious tattoo. The neck tattoo is again a butterfly, but this one doesn’t have any dolphins in it. The tattoo is mostly covered with her hair so a clear look at this tattoo is not there. One thing about this tattoo is, it is not colored.

Other tattoos – The other tattoos which Summer has are a wrist tattoo and a tattoo on the leg. Both the tattoos are some sort of symbols of protection. The wrist tattoo is placed on the inner side of her right wrist. It is a small tattoo when you compare it with the other tattoos. The leg tattoo is also on her right leg. The tattoo is well placed, which is little below her little finger. It is another of her elegant tattoos.

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