Joaquin Phoenix Tattoo

The famous Commodus from the movie Gladiator who starred opposite Russell Crowe is non other than Joaquin Phoenix. He is known for his unconventional roles. He has done versatile roles in many movies and some of the notable movies are Return to Paradise, Quills, Ladder 49, Its all about Love, The Village, hotel Rwanda, Walk the line and many more.

Tattoo of Joaquin Phoenix
What many don’t know about Joaquin is that he like tattoos. In fact he has got one tattoo on his arm. There was a weird explanation which was given when asked what his tattoo means. He said, he saw many people getting the tattoos of wisdom, life and such things so he decided to get a nothing tattoo. Therefore he got an empty circle on his bicep. The tattoo is placed on his right arm and is fairly small. The tattoo as it means describes nothing and it is badly shaped too. It is a circle tattoo which is very simple in design. He confessed later that, that was not the tattoo which he was anticipating and that the tattoo is a badly done art. He got the tattoo in Florence. So now you can guess the reason behind the badly shaped tattoo. Lesson learnt, never get a tattoo in a place where you do not know the language.

Fake Tattoos of Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin did fulfill his wish of getting tattoos but not real ones. He got lot of fake tattoos for a movie role( the name of the movie is unknown). He is this punk character in the movie who has lot of body art on him. He has got a wrist band and a graffiti on his forearm and another amazing tattoo on his bicep. The tattoo of skull and crossed bones which is done in complete black is the highlight of the tattoo collection he has in that movie.

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