Melanie Griffith Tattoos

The Working Girl lead actress Melanie Griffith is also an actress who has opted for the needle work. She also has got some tattoos. Though she is known for her bold roles she did the bold thing of getting a tattoo too. She is known to have 3 tattoos in all on her body. Melanie has got her tattoos in the most traditional tattoo locations. There is no color in her tattoos. Except for the tattoo of her husband Antonio Banderas, she has no big sized tattoos. She created a rage when she tattooed a heart for her husband.

Tattoos of Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith has 3 tattoos in all and most of them are good luck charms or traditional tattoos. The tattoo locations are one on her ankle, one on her right arm and her first tattoo was on her ass cheek. The following are the tattoos she has.

Heart tattoo – Melanie shocked the whole world and her husband Antonio with her heart tattoo. She got the tattoo done on her right arm which is decently big enough for everyone to notice it. The heart tattoo also has her hubby’s name in it. The tattoo is done with original tattoo ink and has some kind of design inside the heart design. ‘Antonio’ is written in old English font and is bold. The heart shape was comparatively big for the name so she filled up the bottom half of the tattoo with some kind of art. It looks very sober and definitely looks like whatever is seen in the tattoo is meant to be. She got the tattoo done on her fourth marriage anniversary with Antonio.

Clove tattoo – She has a very cute looking four leaves clove tattooed on her left ankle. The tattoo is on the inner side of the ankle and it looks very cute. The tattoo is completely colored in green. The tattoo is also a lucky charm for her. The location of the tattoo is very good and looks elegant too. This was her second tattoo in her whole tattoo collection.

Unknown tattoo – She has some unknown tattoo on her left ass cheek. The tattoo is about 3 inch long and its not clear what exactly it is. Melanie started tattooing her body with this tattoo. This tattoo was first seen long time back in a movie. Since its in such a private location it was not often seen after that.

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