Tattoos of Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is one of the top pop singers in the music world. The heartthrob of most of the girls is also known for his canvas like body which has a zillion tattoos all over. The tattoos range from animal tattoos to word tattoos. They are located every where on his body. You name the place he has got it there. The tattoos of Robbie Williams cover all the basic styles of tattoos. Let us have a look at all the tattoo Robbie has.

Robbie Williams tattoos

  • Celtic Cross tattoo is placed on his right hip. This tattoo he got it done when he signed “Take That”. It is a plain cross tattoo which comes under Celtic cross. It is done in original black ink. There is some kind of light that comes from behind the cross in the tattoo. Robbie got this tattoo done for protection.

  • Maori design arm tattoo is done on his left arm. This tattoo was done by a traditional Maori tattoo artist. It has complex circles which are placed in a curvilinear pattern on his arm. They look like a series of waves. The tattoo is known to tell about his life. The tattoo starts at his shoulder and end half way to his bicep.
  • Face of a Lion is on the right bicep of Robbie. The tattoo is done in plain ink again without many colors in it. The tattoo is added with wordings above and beneath it. “Elvis, grant me serenity” is inked above the tattoo and “Born to be mild” is underneath the tattoo. This tattoo is also known for protection. As he says he need lot of protection as there is a devil inside him.
  • Jack Farrell are wrist tattoos. He has filled his wrist to the maximum extent. He has Jack tattooed on his right wrist and Farrell on his left wrist. Robbie Williams grandfather’s name is Jack Farrell. His grandfather played an important role in his childhood. Therefore this is tattooed in his remembrance.
  • Angel tattoo is inked on his right under arm. This tattoo again is for protection. The tattoo has Christ on a cross. In the tattoo Virgin Mary and few other angels are also present. Robbie Williams calls this tattoo “Christian”. This tattoo was done in New Zealand in the year 2000.
  • Forearm tattoos are another location which Robbie didn’t miss out on. He filled both his forearms with tattoos. He has word tattoos done on both his forearms. Robbie tattooed ‘I Love U ‘ on his right forearm and ‘Mother’ on his left forearm. Both the tattoos have 6 letters. This tattoo is obviously dedicated to his mother.
  • “Chacun A Son Gout” is a french saying. It means “everyone’s got his own taste”. This tattoo is done on his collar bone. The tattoo goes along the full length of his collar bone and it looks more like a chain. He had to take a break for every 15 minutes to bare the pain.
  • “All you need is love” is a song by Beatles. Robbie tattooed the musical note of the song on his lower back. The tattoo is in simple black ink and it looks neat. The tattoo is around 8 inches long.
  • Heart tattoos are inked on both his wrist. The heart tattoos are placed right under the name of his grandfather. The tattoo are not colored and are also in original ink.
  • 1023 is another wrist tattoo which he is got. 10th alphabet is J and 23rd alphabet is W. These are the initials of Jonathan Wikes. J.W is the best friend of Robbie Williams. He has 1823 tattooed on his thigh.
  • Swallow tattoos are tattooed on his belly. He got two swallow tattoos which are pointed towards his belly button. Swallows are considered to be the epitome of freedom and loyalty. This tattoo was done in 2003.
  • “LOVE” is tattooed on his fingers. Each letter is tattooed on each finger of his right hand. The font used for this is very elegant and looks cool. He got this tattoo done in 2007.
  • Eye of Horus tattoo is another protection tattoo which he got on his neck. Its a simple medium sized tattoo which is delicately placed on his neck.
  • The letter ‘B’ is tattooed right behind his ear. This tattoo is dedicated to his nanny whose name is Betty. He liked his nanny a lot.

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