Anthony Kiedis Tattoos

The Red Hot Chili Peppers vocal lead singer Anthony Kiedis is one of the best and well known rock star all across the world. He is considered to be one of the best lead singers and his songs are also been liked by most of the rock fans. He is also known for his body covering tattoos which he has. He has a large number of tattoos which are very beautiful. The uniqueness of his tattoos is that, even after having so many tattoos he has got them inked only in black and white. This makes his tattoos more attractive and original.

Tattoos of Anthony Kiedis
Most of his tattoos are tribal designs. This may be because of his origin. He himself is a Native American. Therefore he opted for many Native American tribal designs. Let us all have a look at all the various tattoos which Anthony Kiedis has.

Back tattoo – One of the most popular tattoo designs of the modern times is his back tattoo. This tattoo is spread all over his back starting from his left shoulder ball to his right shoulder ball. In length, it goes from his neck till his midriff. There were many speculations about the tattoo design. It initially looked like a Incan Falcon. But in reality it is a Pacific NorthWest art. It is a moderated version of an eagle. It is known as Haida Thunderbird. It is tattooed by a tattoo artist from Amsterdam named Hanky Panky.

Arm Tattoo – The tattoos which are seen on his arms are all pretty symmetric. The tattoos are again etched with tribal designs. There is a portrait of Native American chiefs on both his arms. This relates to his Native American background. One of the chiefs is known as Joseph and the other chief is known as Sitting Bull.

Similar to his portrait tattoos, both his hands (biceps) have tribal arm bands which goes around his arm. This tattoo is also done in plain black ink. The design is also very simple and the lines are broad. This makes the tattoo more evident. Anthony mostly uses broad border lines for his tattoos so that they look clear. He had this tattoo since the 1990’s. When he got the tattoo done this style was not familiar to many people.

Forearm tattoo –
One of the latest tattoo of Anthony is his entwined daggers. He has tattooed two daggers which run along the length of his forearm. The design work on the tattoos is of Celtic tribal line work. This tattoo has a little blue near the blade. When he puts his elbows together both the tattoos seem to be entwined.

Another unique tattoo is that of a tiger on his right fore arm. This is placed on the inner tattoo of his forearm. This tattoo too runs the length of his forearm. The tiger’s head is placed near the wrist and the tail stretches to his elbow. This kind of crawling tattoos are also adopted in other cat tattoos.

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