Tattoos of Lily Allen

Lily Beatrice Rose Allen, in short Lily Allen is one of the rising pop stars in the world. This tattoo enthusiast is the daughter of Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. She is known for her partying nature and is considered to be a close associate of Lindsay Lohan. Both the celebrities are often seen in the P3 circuit. Coming back to tattoos of Lily, she is steadily growing the list of the tattoos she has. This 25 year old glam doll, keeps her tattoos simple and attractive.

Tattoos Lily Allen has
In this article we shall give a brief description of the tattoos which she has been inked with. The styling, meaning and the design of the tattoos are all very original except for one. The following are the tattoos which she has got,

Wrist tattoos – The wrist tattoo is one of the favorite locations for most of the girls. Apart from saving money for buying jewelery to decorate their hands, these tattoos also make the hand look delicate. Lily Allen has decorated her hand with one the most unique style of tattooing. She has a chain of symbols which have different meanings. She has an acid house symbol, she has a barking dog symbol, a smiley and the weirdest one is her Homer Simpson tattoo. The barking dog symbol has no particular meaning. But it is known to be an inspiration from the pop singer Keith Haring.

Lower back tattoos Not many people know that Lily has got a lower back tattoo too. She has a very feminine and colorful tattoo down her spine which is very attractive. The lower back is one of the best places to get a tattoo done for a girl. The tattoo is of a pink flower which is in between a green twine. There are leaves on wither ends of the twines. This tattoo is first tattoo which Lily got inked.

Finger tattooThis is the tattoo Lily regrets getting inked. She and Lindsay dashed into a tattoo parlor and thought of getting a friendship tattoo done. As we know about Lily, she wanted to get something other than normal friendship tattoo. So they decided to get a finger tattoo done. Coincidentally, they tattooed the same tattoo of Rihanna’s index finger. Both Lily and Lindsay got “Shh…” tattooed on their index finger. Later when Lily realised it, after putting her tattoo photo in twitter, she regretted getting the tattoo done.

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  1. Lindsay is currently on a path to perfect recovery. I am certain that she shall have a wonderful future.

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