Tattoos Famous Rock Bands have

Rock has been one of the famous genres of music since the late 1960’s. It didn’t provide just music but an awful lot of other things to people. Probably one of the first kind of music which involved listening to music while doping and not to forget the dressing styles. While this is for the normal people, they also have set a bench mark to people who like to be that bit more eccentric. Yes! It’s about the body art. The usage of tattoos became famous or it would be more apt to say popular with the rock culture. Here are few rock bands which created a revolution in the fashion world all across the world.

Aerosmith – The Greatest ever rock band! Aerosmith was know to be the best ever rock band in the music fraternity. They have been standing on the top of the rock table ever since 1970. Almost all the band members have tattoos. But the one who stand out is Steven Tyler. He got red flames done with the words Ma Kin on his left bicep. The most surprising thing is, this is the only tattoo he has. The other are all temporary body art.

AC/DC – It is one of the famous rock bands having a huge fan following. Not many know that the rock band was originally formed in Australia. Bon Scott, who was the lead singer for the band, was the one who carried tattoos. He has a tiger tattoo, a parrot tattoo, and the famous rose tattoo which is on his upper forehand.

Foo Fighters – The band which was started by ex Nirvana drummer Dave Ghori, is an award winning rock band. Dave has been a die hard rock fan and his tattoos also tell the same. He has covered his body with lot of tattoos. Some of the noted tattoos are the chain tattoo on his upper arm, the initials of the band Foo Fighter “FF” on the back of his neck and other tribal designs on his arms. He has got a wrist tattoo also.

Green Day – They are a band of three and have one of the most eye catching styling. All the three of them have amazing tattoos on them. This is like a license to be a rock star. Billie Joe has the tattoo of a ‘pot’ and ‘pinhead’ in Japanese symbols. Mike has a tattoo of ‘pot’ and ‘big’ again in Japanese symbols and both of them have the word “pot” tattooed.

Linkin Park – The rock band which shot to fame overnight, Linkin Park. The lead singer Chester Bennington, has personified the true personality of the rock star. He has flames tattooed on both his forearms. The flames are in blue and red colors. He also has a Koi fish tattoo inked on his left bicep. He also has a weird orifice tattooed on his back.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – This rock band has given rock fans enough to live with in this life. Their photo shoot which involved the photography of all the tattoos they have was for liner notes. The whole band has a collection of colored elephant tattoo, numerous tribal designs, a portrait of Jimi Hendrix, Asian tigers and an angry octopus.

Motely Crue – The most tattooed band ever, Motley Crue! Bassists Nikki Sixx has literally no space on his upper body part where you can find clear skin. He filled his body with pink squid on his shoulder to a huge Sun tattoo which takes up his whole back area. Now, everyone knows who Tommy Lee is. The ex-husband of Hollywood diva Pamela Anderson. He himself is a tattoo aficionado. His famous MAYHEM tattoo which is inked across his stomach is one of its kind tattoo.

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