Tattoos of Anastasia

“The little lady with the big voice”, this is how Anastasia popularly called as. The singer is known to hit the high pitch with ease. The nick name to her came because of this ability of hers. She has a small stature, yet she could sing so loud. Apart from this she was also known for her styling where she used to wear glasses. The most unique feature of Anastasia is her body art. She had very bold and flamboyant tattoos on her body. She doesn’t have many though, but the two tattoos which she has are big enough to compensate her less tattoo quantity.

Anastasia and her Tattoos
We shall see what her tattoos are all about and also well describe the tattoo in the finest aspects. Anastasia has two huge tattoos and both are placed on her back. Her first tattoo was a tramp stamp and her second tattoo is a full back tattoo. There are rumours that she has a tattoo on her neck too but it is mostly known to be a temporary tattoo.

Lower back tattoo – This is the first tattoo which she got inked. This tattoo looks like some sort of tribal tattoo in the first look. In a closer look one can make out that it is a beautiful ‘ankh tattoo’. Ankh is a spiritual symbol which was used by the ancient Egyptians. It is not just the tattoo but the way it is inked. The tattoo is done in the middle of flames and is completely black inked. Though it doesn’t has color in the tattoo it looks magnificent. The ankh is placed in the middle of sun which is blazing out flames. An ankh is a cross which has a hole in the top of the vertical line. The ankh is originally a symbol of Life.

Back tattoo – Anastasia’s second tattoo is even more beautiful than her first tattoo. She has a big tribal sign on her back and attached to that tribal sign it has angel wings. The design of the tattoo is very modern and looks elegant too. It is proper 6X8 inch tattoo which eats up most of the back of Anastasia. The tattoo is nothing but a punk tattoo and it has no particular meaning as such. The only meaning one can make out is from the angel wings. Angel wings are known as the symbol of good. Angels do good and so do people who have angel wings.

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