What tattoos does Nicolas Cage have?

The hunk of Hollywood! Nicolas Cage who is known for his action roles and captivating screen play, is one of the leading actors in the movie world. Having high grossing movies to his credit like Con Air, Face Off, The Rock, National Treasure etc, he has got himself a huge fan following. There are many roles for which he got his body inked. Not the permanent one though but the ones which can be washed of. He is known for his perfection for adapting to a role.

Movies with Tattoos
Nicolas Cage has done many movies in which the role demanded a very rugged look. This also included getting tattoos on his arms and chest. In the movie Ghost Rider, he got a flash tattoo of a burning skull. Apart from this he got many more tattoos which were temporary. There were many rumors that Nicolas wanted to tattoo his scalp. Not for real though, it was for his new movie ‘Drive Angry’ that he wanted to shave his scalp and tattoo so that he would look apt for the movies role. But the producers of the movie did not allow him to do so that is why he colored his hair blond, which was against his Celtic roots.

Real Tattoo of Nicolas Cage
After all the number of tattoo which we went through, finally we come down to the real tattoo which Nicolas has. He is known to have a large monitor lizard with a top hat on its head. This tattoo is very unique in its own sense. It is a fairly big tattoo which spreads all over his back. It is done in plain black ink and is not added with lot of color. In fact there is no color which is added in the tattoo.

Some of the other tattoos which he has are – a demon tattoo on his left arm which is followed by a burning skull tattoo. The burning skull tattoo is placed right under his demon tattoo. Another tattoo which he supposedly has is of a woody woodpecker that is on his right bicep. Speculations are that these tattoos are fake tattoos which he got for his movie roles.

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