Tattoos of Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin, the sensation in Animal Planet. Known for his dangerous expeditions in the wild jungles is one of the top celebrities in the world. A Norwell born, he was a student of Science and biology. At a very early age he was very interested in knowing the wild life. He has done many expeditions over the years. He traveled all across the world and is also known for his excellent hosting. Jeff’s brave antiques with the wild animals has won many television viewers heart.

Tattoo of Jeff Corwin
Jeff Corwin has traveled most of the tribal areas present in the world. His unending love towards the reptiles is seen on his body too. Jeff inked a coral tattoo which is located on his left shoulder ball. The tattoo depicts the nature of Jeff and is very apt. It was a carefully selected tattoo design and got it done when he was traveling in the African provinces.

The tattoo is of the coral snake which looks like it is crawling over his shoulder. It is not only a snake tattoo but also a colorful tattoo. The tattoo is a good 4X4 inch big. It is not very bold yet not dull, it is a perfect design for someone who has dedicated his life to the jungles. The snake is a mixture of yellow, black and red blocks. It looks very elegant and makes a strong statement. There are no other tattoos which Jeff has on his body.

Jeff is not all about tattoos, but he is more of a person who spreads awareness about nature and global warming. He talk about the rare species that are close extinction. There are better things to learn from Jeff than his tattoos! So keep a check on Animal Planet, you never know what you’ll learn from him today!

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