Tattoos Of Brad Pitt

The Achilles of Troy, the hunk of Hollywood is in the limelight with all the attention one can get. The most talked about boy in town, Brad Pitt! Now he also is into the tattoo market. He has got four tattoos, out of which 2 do not make sense to anybody. He is known for his versatile roles and daring character roles he does. His role as ‘Micky’ in Snatch, as ‘Achilles’ in Troy has got him lot of recognition in the Hollywood circuit. Later on, he also got lot of appreciation in Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Inglorious Bastards. After these kind of roles, he got the most publicity for his tattoos.

Brad’s better half Angelina Jolie is tattoo aficionado. But unlike her, Brad is mostly quiet about his tattoos. He hasn’t disclosed his tattoos nor did he tell the significance of his ink. He has 4 tattoos on his body.

Back tattoos – He has got tattoos which are not clear or make any sense. It created a lot of media speculations as to what the meaning of the tattoo could be. This is a very unique tattoo styling which is not seen before. It is a modern art.

After a long wait it came into light that there is no particular meaning which is associated with the tattoo. It was just plain lines which are tattooed on the back of Brad. In an interview given by Angelina Jolie to Entertainment Weekly, she said that “one day we were bored and we went to Davos. That’s when I drew the tattoo on his back. He instantly liked it too!”

Left Forearm Tattoo – Brad has a human outline on his left forearm. Nobody quite knows what the story is behind this tattoo. It depicts a mummy. The tattoo depicts the oldest mummy of Europe. It is called Otzi, and it is estimated to be around 5300 years old. These kind of tattoos are often used to celebrate past memories or a loved one.

Abdomen Tattoo – Brad has always come up with unique ways of doing something. He has tattooed Angelina’s birth date on his stomach as a sign of his love to her. He tattooed her birth date in Khmer. Khmer is the official language of Cambodia.

Lower Left Back tattoo – There is a Sanskrit blessing which is tattooed on the lower back part of Brad’s body. He supposedly got the tattoo done for the protection of his son Maddoz. Sanskrit is known to be the mother of all languages and is unique in its own way. This blessing holds a special message for the person who carries it.

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  1. I can’t wait to see Brad Pitt’s new movie that is suppose to be released this summer, entitled “Inglourious Basterds”. The preview of it looks pretty good. To Brad, you’re totally amazing! Keep it up!

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