Bjork’s Vegvisir Tattoo

Bjork popularly known for her singing and song writing, is very famous for her Vegvisir tattoo. Vegvisir tattoo is a kind of compass which Vikings used in their expeditions. Her tattoo is considered to be very similar to Aegishjalmur ( helm of awe). Bjork’s intention for getting this tattoo is to find home wherever she was. Vegvisir tattoo has lot of importance as it is also considered to be a spiritual symbol. The Icelandic meaning for the tattoo is “guidepost” or “direction sign”. It is related with the viking age.

Bjork’s Tattoo Location
Bjork got the tattoo of Vigvisir on her right arm. She wanted people to notice the tattoo hence she got it on her hand. She got the Vegvisir tattoo on he left upper hand. As per the Viking tradition, people used this symbol as a symbol of protection and also to find their way home. They tattooed this symbol on their forehead. But as Bjork rightly thought that this would be really weird, so she got it tattooed on her hand.

Bjork also has many personal reasons as for why she got the tattoo done. She says that she got the tattoo done when her life has taken a new direction. The music world which she entered as been instrumental in changing her life.

Meaning Of Vigvisir Tattoo
Vegvisir is also known as Runic compass. This symbol is a very ancient charms. The symbols is very grateful to the bearer and is said to have a very protective nature on them. It has a structural formula which is designed to achieve the Vegvisir. This is also used as a compass in the Viking age. Although there are some misconceptions that it is only derived in the late 17th century. Its another purpose is irresistibility in a battle. The charm helps the bearer to be protected and fight against all the evil in the battle.

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