Tattoos of Drew Barrymore

Tattoos Drew BarrymoreThe cutie pie of Hollywood, the star of 50 First Dates, Drew Barrymore is more cute with her tattoos. The bubbly looking American actress who started her career with child roles is now a established actress in the Hollywood arena. She is got some beautiful body art done on her beautiful body. There are around 5 tattoos on her body and she would like to get more as per sources. The tattoos are said to be symbolic representation of the memories which she would love to cherish all her life. Going with her nature, the tattoos are also very eye-catching and beautiful.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos
Drew Barrymore who is the youngest of the Barrymore family, is considered to be having extremely sexy tattoos. It is not just the tattoo designs but also the placing of the tattoo is considered to be excellent. Here is a gist of the tattoos Drew has,

Hip Tattoo – Drew has a tattoo of bouquet of flowers on her left hip. This tattoo is a very unique type of tattoo and also is carried of well by Drew. There are many cherubs in the bouquet which are put together and designed. The best part of the tattoo is, it is done in black ink and it doesn’t involve any color.

Lower Back Tattoo – She has a tattoo which has two angles carrying a banner. On the banner her mother’s name ‘Jade’ is written. It is said that the tattoo also hides her ex-boyfriend’s name. The tattoo is a beautifully designed ink tattoo.

Stomach Tattoo – The tattoo she was first seen with is the butterfly tattoo. It is a traditional black ink tattoo. She placed the tattoo very well under her navel. It looks all the more sexy as she can show it off in the most seductive way. When ever she does her sexy photo shoots, her beautiful tattoo is to be seen.

Lower Right Leg Tattoo – She has a intricate Cross tattoo on her leg, which is right above her ankle. This tattoo is one sexy tattoo. It gives shape to her sexy leg and the very tattoo itself is beautiful. The Cross is stuck with vines and on closer look it also has Ethopian and Celtic signs in it.

Toe Tattoo – It is the cutest and smallest tattoo Drew has on her. In the whole collection of tattoos Drew has, the crescent moon tattoo which is placed on her toe is one of the best tattoos.

The latest tattoo Drew has got herself is that of a little bird which is placed on her arm. This tattoo was spotted on her arm in one of the movie functions. It is a simple bird tattoo and it is placed in the inside of her right arm.

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