Top 5 Best Celebrity Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Tramp stamp is the ‘in’ thing for most of the women in Hollywood. The lower back tattoo which is one of the sexiest tattoo spots for girls is on a rage and there are many girls who are taking up the art. For the die-hard fans of Hollywood women, here is a check list of how you can become their favorite fan. The easiest way of coming into the limelight is definitely a tattoo. Get a tattoo done which is exactly like the one your role model has and you’ll be them in your friends circle.

Best Tramp Stamp Tattoo of Hollywood

Jessica Alba – The sizzling hot actress has been seen with a bow tattoo in the right place. Not the greatest of the tram stamps, but who would not like to stare at her lower back and just claim they are checking her tattoo.

Anastacia – The American singer has a thing for her tattoo. Most of her music videos show her tattoo and she sure flaunts it well. She has an Egyptian symbol which is the symbolism of eternal life. It is the life which is surrounded by Sun.

Anna Kournikova – Russian tennis sensation who burst out to the media at an age of 17 years, is now seen sporting a tattoo on her lower back. You cannot miss her tramp stamp, which is a tribal sign which has stars around it. The meaning of her tattoo is still not clear, but who cares as long as she shows it.

Ana Beatriz Barros – Brazilian super model only next to Gisele Bundchen, made herself look a notch more sexier with a tramp stamp which is a simple kanji tattoo which represents love. She has wings attached to the symbol also. The wings show that she is an independent person.

Angelina Jolie – The dream girl to many youngster in the present day. Apart from her luscious lips she also has a sexy tramp stamp which is Bengal tiger. Probably the biggest tramp stamp tattoo in Hollywood. It is of 12X8 inch size. She got it done as a celebration to her Cambodian citizenship.

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