Foot Tattoo Design

The rarest location where you can get a tattoo done is on your feet. Firstly, because lot of people avoid it because of the pain and secondly because there are not many designs which you will like to have it on your foot. Mostly girls go for the foot tattoo. Tattoo artists consider foot tattoos to be feminine. So don’t be surprised if people raise their eyebrows when they see a man with foot tattoo. There are other disadvantages also which are related to foot tattoos like blurring of ink, healing time etc.

Foot Tattoo Designs
There are many designs which the foot can accommodate. Due to the flat surface of the foot, it is considered as a perfect area for the tattoo. The upper part of the foot is likely to bleed less when compared to the sides. The most popular foot tattoo designs are the star tattoo, flower tattoo and letters. Some people even get lucky numbers tattooed on their foot.

Friendship tattoo is another design which is tattooed on the foot. Friends who are very close to each other are known to get friendship tattoos. They are mostly located on the foot as it is easy to hide. Foot tattoo also is famous for lettering tattoos. Lot of people with foot tattoos are known to tattoo their name or their family name.

Flower tattoo is done mostly on the toes. These flowers are mostly small and are colorful. They make a permanent toe ring.

Important Aspects of a Foot Tattoo

  • Getting a foot tattoo is more painful than any other tattoo.
  • It gives a stunning look to your feet.
  • They are mostly done in pairs. Imagine there is a tattoo on one foot and not the other one. As a tattoo on only one foot will look weird.
  • Healing of the tattoo takes more time.
  • The chances of the tattoo getting infected is more.

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