Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Bracelet tattoo is one of the most common tattoo which is observed often. Mostly people get the tattoo on their wrist or on their ankle. Of late the ankle has become the hot spot for this tattoo in girls and many are seen with an ankle bracelet tattoo. Rarely do men have an ankle tattoo but nowadays, even men started having ankle tattoos which are more manly in design. It is a permanent way of showing off the feminine side of a woman. Any single design can be made into a bracelet design.

Ankle Bracelet Designs

Bracelet is an ornament which can be worn on your wrist or ankle. The bracelet tattoo is nothing but a circular tattoo which goes around the ankle and joins together. There are many designs which are popularly used as bracelet designs. Mostly, girls who get the ankle bracelet tattoo done go for tribal patterns, natural designs (like leaves vines, flowers etc), barbed wires. These design are famous designs when it comes to ankle bracelet tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Designs – The tribal designs which are used for other tattoos normally are made into a chain and then they are tattooed around the ankle. These designs consist of simple lines which are composed in a proper pattern. They are mostly done in original tattoo ink, that is black ink. You can choose your own color and get the tattoo done.

Natural Design – We come across so many things which are so good to look at naturally. The vines of the trees, the long leaves, flowers which come in bunches and many more things. These are made to look like they are in a chain and are tattooed around the ankle. The curled up vines are the most natural ankle bracelet tattoos which one can see.

Other Designs – Barbed wire is a very popular tattoo design. There are many styles of barbed wires which you can choose from. Also there is this star chain bracelet. The stars are made to interlock among each other and they are tattooed as chain around the ankle.

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