Astronomical Tattoos

The sky is the most fascinating natures beauty. We have seen many beautiful scenery’s in day and night. Astronomy is the subject where we learn and dream of all the untraveled planets and stars. Tattoos have captured these heavenly objects and has helped us ave our dreams on our bodies. These are some of the most difficult tattoos to be designed. Lot of creativity and imagination goes into the tattoo design. We have seen stars and moon tattooed on people, but there are some breath taking tattoos which are done. These tattoos make you feel unique.

Stars –
Stars are the most common tattoo design seen, when it comes to astronomical tattoos. They are small and sweet. They are tattooed in a bunch. They can be tattooed anywhere on the body. Most liked locations are elbows, abdomen, ankle and knees. Girls like tattooing stars on ankles and abdomen.

Sun – Sun is known to be the center of our solar system. Sun is also the ruling planet for the Leo’s. It shows the characteristic of responsibility and leadership. It is tattooed mostly on the top of the spine and shoulder ball. Most of the men get the sun tattoo as they would like to show their power through the tattoo.

Moon – Moon is the star which gives the beauty to the dark night’s sky. It is the reflection of beauty and is liked by many girls. Most of the times they prefer to tattoo ah half moon. Full moon is not done at all unless it is being used as a center piece. It is the meaning of a guide as it gives light to the wary travellers in night.

Galaxy – The whole universe that is known to the mankind. This is one of the rarest tattoo designs. Not many go for this tattoo. The galaxy tattoo is a very mystic and beautiful tattoo. It is very colorful and describes the intensity and vastness of our universe.

Zodiac Signs – 12 constellations and 12 zodiac signs and 12 months. Many people around the world are very attached to their zodiac sign and exhibit exactly the same characteristics of their zodiac sign. This gives them ample reason to tattoo their zodiac sign.

Solar system – The solar system is another rare tattoo design which is inked. All the 9 planets along with the Sun which completes our solar family is a tattoo for those who are very much inclined towards the astronomical designs.

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