Common Tattoo Designs

Tattooing has become one of the most popular forms of art. Many youngsters are seen sporting this art. Body paint, tribal symbols, inking and many others are the alternate names for tattooing. There are many different ways of inking a tattoo. If you are trying to get a tattoo done, than it would be right to do research on which tattoo stands for what. And also know the most common tattoos which are used around the world.

Religious Tattoos – People are always inclined towards God and his powers. In hope of getting his protection and his power, many people get religious tattoos inked. Therefore we get to see lot of people with religious tattoos. The cross, Hindu symbolism, Christ are some of the common religious tattoos found.

Prison Tattoos –
It is said that the tattooing culture in the contemporary world has been introduced to the public by the prisoners or convicts. They used the tattoos as a gang mark or to show their fellow convicts what is their cadre. But once they have done their time, people outside who saw them with these tattoos got attracted to the art and started to fashion tattoos. Some of the most seen prison tattoos are tear drop, cob web, tombstone, clock without hands.

Tribal Tattoos Tribal tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo arts. There are many designs which have originated from the tribal tattoos. Even today many are found with tribal tattoos. The fascination to tribal tattoos are more as its mystic and simple designs have caught the eye of almost all the tattoo lovers.

Celestial Tattoo –
Stars, Sun, Moon and all those earthly things in the sky have been the cherry of our eye. They are so elegant, beautiful and hypnotic. They bring peace to us when we go on top of the roof and lay down and stare at them. Some people always want them. That is why the celestial tattoos are another common tattoo designs.

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