Egyptian Eye Tattoo Location

Egyptian Eye also known as the Eye of Horus is the symbol for protection and all known. The Egyptian philosophy gives lot of importance to the evil eye. The Egyptian eye ranks among the top tattoo designs along with other tattoo designs. It is even used in many construction sites and also in all the pottery. There is an old belief that the evil eye helps the you avoid all the negative vibes affecting you. Sporting an evil eye tattoo makes sense only if you know where exactly you need to tattoo the design. The tattoo design is very simple and mysterious.

Locations for Evil Eye Tattoo: There are many location for the evil eye to be tattooed. Some of the most liked areas to get this design tattooed are mentioned in this article.

Shoulder – Many tattoo freaks opt for tattooing an evil eye on the shoulder. As the size of the tattoo can be bigger, and also later one can extend the tattoo by making it a center piece.

Chest – Another place where most of the men are seen tattooing the Egyptian eye is the chest. It is considered to be taking care of your heart as it is a symbol of protection. This also give a positive impression about the person.

Arm – Most of the tattoos look good when you get it done on the arm. The Egyptian eye also has a similar appearance when it is etched on the tattoo.

Wrist – If you want to go for a small size tattoo of the Egyptian eye, then the best place to carry it off is the wrist. The wrist is a delicate place at the same time it doesn’t look awkward.

Neck – The back of the neck can also be a very good choice to get the Egyptian eye tattoo done. It also gives a very good look to the tattoo

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