Ankh Tattoo

The Ankh is a very popular symbol in the Egyptian culture. It is a symbol of eternal life. It is considered to be an ancient Egyptian symbol which was used by gods. The symbol has a circle and cross combined. There is still no clear information regarding its origination but its Egyptian background is something which is well understood. This symbol is tattooed to get the power of the gods and have a long life. There are no other symbols which carry such meanings and the design of the Ankh is small and is often used as the center piece of the tattoo.

Design Of the Ankh: The Ankh tattoo is a simple design which is very attractive also. The Ankh comprises of a cross and a circle on the top. The head of the Ankh is hallow and is carved in an oval shape. The vertical line is longer and the horizontal line is a little shorter. Wen the Egyptian culture was getting overshadowed by Christianity, the Egyptian Copts used this symbol as a hope for the culture to last eternally.

Meaning of the Ankh Tattoo: The Ankh tattoo is considered the be the combined forces of the male and female of the Egyptian gods. The male is called Osiris and the female is called Isis. There are many meanings which are associated with the Ankh symbol. The joining of the circle and the cross is said to be the combining of the heaven and Earth. Another very famous meaning which is considered is that, the ankh represents the rising of the sun. The oval shape is said to be the sunrise and the vertical line representing the path which the Sun rays travel.

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