Kanji Dragon Tattoo

The Japanese tattoo artists have developed versatile tattooing styles and this has caught the imagination of everyone in the world. One of the top 10 tattoo designs of all time is the Dragon. Dragon has been adopted in many styles and is varied in its design. There are many choices for the tattoo lover to take any design of the dragon tattoo. Kanji tattoo styling is one of the most famous Japanese tattooing styles. Kanji calligraphy has basically been derived from Chinese literature.

Kanji Styling – The today’s tattoo world classifies the tattoos into two groups – artwork and calligraphy. The artwork of the Japanese is well known. But the calligraphy is more asked for. Kanji is an ancient calligraphy and it is often misunderstood. Therefore confront a expert in Kanji tattoo if you want to get the right word etched.

Kanji Dragon Tattoo – Kanji lettering style is the most popular lettering style and the tattoo industry is producing more experts in this department. The kanji dragon is nothing but the word dragon in kanji calligraphy. Due to the mystic appearance of the kanji letters, tattoo lovers enjoy getting a kanji dragon tattoo done. It is often with the word “dragon” and having the dragon face in the background. The kanji word for dragon is ‘RYUU’. There is another dragon considered to be the God dragon and it is called Ryujin. This dragon controls the wind and the rain.

Location of Kanji Dragon Tattoo – Ryuu is just a single letter and is very compact. It comes in small and medium size only. Anything bigger than the medium size looks bad and is not advised by any tattoo artist. As the tattoo is small, you can afford to have it on the neck, wrist, ankle and abdomen. Many people have it even on the ribs. The location of a tattoo should always be chosen by the tattoo bearer. This will give all the more satisfaction to him.

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