Top 10 Symbolic Tattoos

Tattoo symbol vary from the normal name lettering to complicated religious tattoo designs. As each and every tattoo symbols has its own meaning, it all depends on the client as of what tattoo he wants to get done. Given below are the top 10 tattoo symbols which are considered by most of the tattoo enthusiasts.

  • Star tattoo- Star is a symbol of high status and also it means that the person is very special. Many celebrities are now having the star symbol. Depending on the number of points on the star, its value is decided. Stars give light in the darkness and that is where their true meaning comes from. They mean truth of spirit and hope. They give hope and light to the people who are unaware of their future.
  • Tribal tattoo- Tribal tattoo designs are very ancient designs. They have been passed down by generations of tribes which carry forward the tradition of the tribal tattooing. The most popular tribal designs are that of the Maori tribes, whose tattoo patterns are mostly straight lines in geometric patterns.
  • Cross tattoo- The Cross tattoo design is forever in the top ten list. The cross is most liked design by most of the Christians for obvious reason. It is the symbol of faith, hope, sacrifice and belief. Apart from these meanings the cross also represents the father and the mother nature. The horizontal line stands for Mother and the vertical line stands for Father.
  • Strength tattoos- All the youngsters are always behind strength and power. The tattoo symbols which signify strength also are favored by many people. These strength tattoos act as a personal talisman to the wearer of the strength tattoo.
  • Angel Wings- Angels are the most loved and most looked out for, spirits by people even in the contemporary world. The angel wing tattoos are considered as the protection from the demons and devils around. The protection given by the god to us. It is a figure of guidance and strength.
  • Butterfly Tattoos- Women prefer for these tattoos as the butterflies are very delicate and fragile. The butterfly is colorful and happy. It defines the transformation of life. It defines independence and spreading of joy.
  • Love tattoo- The perennial top 10 tattoo symbol is the love tattoo symbol. There is never a shortage of lovers and so is there no shortage of people getting the tattoo done for their lovers’ sake. These tattoos can be expressed in many ways depending on the tattoo bearer.
  • Crown tattoo- Crown is the right of the king. The crown is given to the people who deserve it. It can only be won. Crown symbolizes leadership and power. In other words having a crown tattoo also means that you are a victorious person.
  • Dragon tattoo- Dragons are the most fancied mythical animals. These Chinese originated animals have caught the imagination of the tattoo artists and ever since, they have been the fascination of tattoo lovers. They are known for their courage and fierceness. They are also portrayed as the symbol of protection.
  • Phoenix tattoo- The mythological bird is known to take its rebirth from its own ashes. The phoenix is known to be immortal and can never die. It is considered the most popular symbol in terms of rebirth and resurrection symbol.

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  1. Tattoos with meanings, such as religious tattoos, at least have the advantage that you will hopefully be happy explaining them to people years later – like in 10 or 20 years time. A lot of people get trivial tattoos, which they quickly outgrow and regret getting.

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