Butterfly Tattoo

When we think of a butterfly, seldom people look at it as an insect.instead people look at their beauty and the joy they spread around. Butterfly tattoo is the most favorite tattoo among girls now. Almost all the girls who are interested in tattooing, have one butterfly tattoo at least. It is tattooed in various sizes and color and also places. This is the most used design in the tattoo world. It is not known if it is because of the meaning it carries(which are versatile) or if it is the design itself.

Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoo-
There is a very sensitive and subtle meaning behind the butterfly tattoo. It means lot of things starting from being joyful and bubbly to symbolizing death of warriors. Depending on the culture you follow butterfly tattoo keeps changing. Like in Japanese culture, the butterfly is the personification of the soul which is living, dying or dead. And in the Russian civilization, a butterfly means, mother or grandmother. The other meanings of butterfly are,

  • freedom
  • love
  • nervousness
  • luck
  • changed life

All these meanings are derived from the characteristics and the life cycle of the butterfly.

Location Of the Butterfly Tattoo-
Butterfly tattoo can be inked anywhere on the body. As it symbolizes the womanhood, it is tattooed in such locations which are considered to be very feminine. The most popular locations for butterfly tattoos are-

  • Lower back
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Ankle
  • Back of the neck
  • Hip
  • Lower abdomen
  • Wrist

These are the top spots for getting a butterfly tattoo done. The latest trend of butterfly tattooing is to get a trail of butterflies done on the back which extends diagonally from hip to the shoulder. This is doing great rounds in the tattoo industry. They are colorful and also very elegant to look at.

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