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Many Americans have been a part of the military forces at some point or the other. Or there are many families where their relatives have been in the armed forces. Though very tough on the onset, military people are very emotional and become very sentimental towards their regiment or their troop. Therefore many soldiers get tattoos done to remember their time in the military forces for a life time. Their fellow soldiers and partners are all a part of their life as long as they are in the army together.

A recent survey which has been conducted stated that in the no of soldiers getting a tattoo done, marines were the first in ranking, army is the second and way down was air force. Navy people are very attached to their colleagues, hence tattoos are very popular in the navy.

Army Tattoo- 1775 May the 10th was the first battle the US army has ever fought. Since then there have been many wars the army has fought and it always stood between the US and the rivals. The many soldiers who have fought the wars were left behind with nothing but memories and wounds. Out of which many have chosen to make them permanent mark in their life. They symbolized medals, unit patches and awards as their tattoo designs. Comrades who were missing or taken as prisoners were remembered by getting a tattoo which stated POW(Prisoner Of War) or MIA(Missing In Action).

The Eagle and the US flag are also some of the common tattoos seen on the armed forces. These military tattoos which are growing in popularity are known s “meat tags”.

Marine Tattoos- The marine was considered to be the toughest and meanest of all the operations of the military. Since it was established in 1775 November 10th, it was recognized as the first deadly blow given to the enemies by the US army. After fighting so many gruesome battles, it is really hard to find a jar head without a tattoo.

Some of the common tattoos which are found on these marine soldiers are, the DCU, BDU, suit and tie to larger, marine military tattoos also consist of soldiers running gamut. Bulldog which is the mascot of the Marine corps is also the most popular tattoo designs of the marines. And also the famous replica of the Marine corps seal. It is beautifully etched across a young sergeant.

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