Phoenix Rising From The Ash Tattoo

Tattoo is mostly dependent on the mythological character or the present designs. One such popular tattoo is the phoenix. The phoenix are the birds which are huge ferocious animals which are not taken under control easily. The phoenix are spread out all around the world. This tattoo has many designs and style of tattooing the bird. The phoenix also have deep meanings associated with it. It is known that phoenix originated from the Greek or Egyptian. These tattoos are usually colorful depending on the style of tattooing.

Meaning of Phoenix- Phoenix is the symbolic representation of the sun setting and again rising in the day. Similar to this it means that there is life after death. Scholars say that this bird has the ability to heal with its tear and burns to ashes by itself to rise again and live. The phoenix lives for 500 hundred years and then builds a nest which it sets on fire and dies in its own fire. This means rebirth in the present day world.

Rising from the ashes is the concept of rebirth. This tattoo is done by many people nowadays. People who have come out of drug addiction, rehabilitation camps, prisons etc are getting the tattoo of phoenix which is rising from the ashes.

Design Of The Tattoo- The phoenix tattoo is most of the time designed in an non traditional way and is often filled with details of the bird. Majestic bird as it is, the tattoo also get the strength and the strong attitude of the bird. The tattoo is mostly colorful. Preferred phoenix designs are, the bird surrounded with fire, phoenix rising from ashes, another unique design is that of the phoenix covering the globe and the tail covering one end of it.

Many tattoo artist use strong color to define this bird. They use bright colors like blue, green, purple and tones of orange and copper. Red is mostly used to fill the body color of the bird. Very seldom do you see phoenix with only outline and black and gray inks.

Location Of The Tattoo- The most ideal location of the tattoo is the back or chest or upper arms. As the tattoo takes up considerable area, it good to choose a location where there is lot of space. This tattoo is supposed to be made in detailed description. Therefore to accommodate all the details, the artist should make it a large sized tattoo.

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