Tattoo Apprenticeship

Many youngsters are taking up to tattoo apprenticeship. It is fast becoming, one of the happening professions. Tattoo apprenticeship is the basis on which you are considered to have a tattoo career. Apprenticeship is the base line task which every tattoo artist has to go through. The apprenticeship is not just concerned to tattooing, but it is also gained in sterilizing, cleaning and business management. There are other skills which you may learn such as making a needle, prepping and making stencils. A good apprentice will make sure you have learned the basic first perfectly and then he lets you tattoo.

Which Apprentice To Choose- It’s always important to choose your mentor wisely. It is ideal to go for a tattoo artist who is well experienced, for at least 5 years. The more the tattoo artist is experienced, the better it is to work under him. Because like any other art, the more you work on it the better you become. And the more you know about the art the better you can teach.

The Apprenticeship- Once you have found the mentor, do not expect that your job has become easy, in fact it has become all the more tougher. Once you are taken in as a student, you are treated more like the ” Shop Bitch”. You have to clean all the trash and do the laying work. To worsen it, you may not get paid for the work you do.

When you actually start learning the art, you have to do a lot of watching. There are some vital traits which you have to develop while in the learning process. The way the tattoo gun is held, how to make a needle, how to handle the autoclave and importantly, what are the health precautions that are to be taken. After this, your mentor will allow you to use the tattoo machine. Initially you’ll be practicing tattoo designs over fake skin or fruit skins. You’ll have to draw a lot and have to learn technical terms like liners and shades and know the differences between them. This calls for lot of hard work and you should be ready to do it.

Apprenticeship will take you 6 months to 2 years time. This is a long process which will test your patience and talent. Never get discouraged by the failures, as they can help you in being the stepping stones to success.

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