Tree Frog Tattoo: A Cute and Colorful Tattoo

A tree frog spends most part of its life on the trees. These frogs are tiny and have bright green color, with red eyes and orange feet – and they make a perfect design for a frog tattoo. The background of trees, leaves, or flowers combined with the he bright color of the frog can make this tattoo one of the most artistic and colorful tattoos around.

Meaning of a Frog Tattoo:
A frog carries significant meaning in many cultures. The frog was considered to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity among the North American tribes. While native Americans associated the frog with wealth and prosperity, Egyptians believed the frog to be the protector of after life.

Frogs are also depicted as funny, cute in many of the modern caricatures. So, if you would like to have a funny and cute tattoo, you can go for a frog tattoo. The tree frog – with bright eyes and colorful feet – is perfect for including varied expressions such as smiling, frowing etc.

The tree frog has bright green body which it uses itself to protect from its predators. The bright green color can make the tattoo really colorful. The eyes of the frog are essentially red with a combination of webbed orange feet. The background of the tattoo can be trees, a large leaf, leaves, a branch, or a twig etc. The frog can be depicted as flying, crawling, or holding onto a branch etc.

Locations for the tree frog include the forearm, shoulder, feet, and the biceps. Since the tree frog is small, it nicely fits into your chosen location. A tree frog looks bright, cute and colorful – have it if you want a flashy yet cute tattoo.

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