Why Get an Ankle Butterfly Tattoo?

Butterflies have been associated with transformation, beauty, and nature. They look feminine and are popular among women. Ankle butterfly tattoos not only look beautiful but also delicate. So, if you are thinking about getting an ankle tattoo, choose a butterfly tattoo.

Why an Ankle Butterfly Tattoo?
Ankle is one of those places which looks beautiful and appealing. As butterflies are feminine, they can be one of the best tattoos on the ankle. The ankle can be flashed and hidden when needed. If your workplace prohibits tattoos, you can wear boots to hide them. In the same way, you can show off your tattoo during parties or gatherings

Butterfly carry significant meaning – symbolizing transformation, change, and freedom. Moreover, they are a great idea for a tattoo, cause you can choose your favorite colors and they give a lot of scope for creativity

Designs for Ankle Butterfly Tattoo:
The butterflies can have bright colors such as blue, red, violet, yellow and their combinations. If you have a favorite color, you can surely get your butterfly with those. The butterfly can be depicted as hovering over flowers or leaves. In this way, you can include a background of flowers, leaves or other designs.

Black colored butterflies are also popular. Black butterfly designs with curved lines look beautiful. Another idea for the butterfly tattoo is to have butterflies, around the ankle – giving the look of an anklet. Multiple butterflies around the ankle forming an anklet looks good.

Before getting a butterfly tattoo, you can go through the pictures of real butterflies to choose the one you like the most. So get a butterfly tattoo and get stylish

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