Why Get a Turtle Tattoo?

Turtles have been, for long, associated with wisdom, patience, inner peace and healing. In contemporary culture, they are considered to be cute and lovely. Their bright colors, unique designs make them a good choice for a tattoo. A turtle tattoo carries a lot of scope for creativity, art and symbolism.

Significance of Turtle Tattoos:
Tattoos are looked upon as wise and patient animals. A turtle moves along slowly and withdraws its neck inside the shell if it perceives any risk. They has a great ability to swim freely. Turtles are also known to live long.

The turtle is supposed to symbolize inner peace and healing as it moves its head inside its shell, safe from the outer world. It also symbolizes freedom. Turtles are also considered sacred in many cultures. So, a turtle can carry several meanings such as patience, inner peace, healing, and freedom.

Design of Turtle Tattoos:
Bright colors such as brown, green, violet, blue can make the tattoo truly attractive. While some people prefer a realistic turtle, some of them like to have a cartoon version. The cartoon turtle can be funny, having varied expressions and can give a cute look. Tribal designs of the tattoo with shades of black and white, having curved lines is a good idea. The background of the turtle can be blue sea, flowers, grass etc.

Location for turtle tattoos include neck, lower back, abdomen, foot, and chest etc. A turtle tattoo looks great considering its unique colors and the varied options you have. So, if you are interested, make sure you consult a good tattoo studio and get your favorite tattoo done.

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