Why Get a Sea Horse Tattoo?

A sea horse tattoo looks small, feminine and cute. Sea horse can be depicted as a being with expressions; the tattoo can be a cartoon version or a more realistic version. The sea horse can be placed anywhere as it is small and it gives a great look to the wearer.

Symbolism of Sea Horse Tattoo:

Sea horse is associated with free spirit. A sea horse moves freely in the ocean as it is small and hence, it can be a symbolism of freedom . This tattoo, with all the colors and various designs, can give a feminine look. Women sometimes get this tattoo to symbolize their desire to get a knight in shining armor. The fact that it looks cute makes it even more popular among them. For men, the sea horse tattoo can symbolize the protective nature and free spirit.

Designs of Sea Horse Tattoo:

Sea horse tattoos with black outline is popular. It is has a number of curves and shades of black which give it a unique look. The sea horse can be depicted with a number of bright colors – such as blue, violet, pink, yellow. Metallic colors also look good. A cartoon version of the sea horse also looks cute and attractive.

A realistic version of the sea horse is a good choice. If you would like to get a realistic seahorse tattoo, it is better to take a picture of the real seahorse and show it to your tattoo artist. Your artist can make the seahorse tattoo as close to the reality.

As the tattoo is small, it can fit anywhere. Popular locations include the neck, wrist, abdomen, arm, shoulder. Whether you love the seahorse, its design or its symbolism, a seahorse tattoo looks great and unique. So, go ahead and get your tattoo done.

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