The History of Blood Group Tattoo

A blood group tattoo has an interesting history. It was used tattooed on the men who joined the Schutzstaffel – the Nazi organization which was formed under Adolf Hitler. Whenever the soldier had been wounded, the tattoo helped the doctors to administer blood. If the soldier was unconscious, the tattoo was extremely helpful to keep the doctor informed.

The blood tattoo was placed under the left arm, adjacent to the arm pit – 20 centimeters from the elbow. Initially, the tattoos were of Fraktur gothic lettering which was later changed to Latin lettering. After the war, many soldiers working for the Nazi’s were arrested on the basis of blood group tattoo.

Few of the soldiers tried to scar the tattoo using cigarettes or other means to escape punishment. The soldiers would inform that the scar was caused by a bullet wound . However, X-rays were taken up to ascertain if there was really a bullet wound.

Today, the blood group tattoo is a bit rare. However, some may get this tattoo remind themselves of the history. More often, the blood tattoo is used to inform the health care professional regarding the blood group. Blood groups such as A, B, AB, or O are engraved.

A blood group tattoo can be helpful if you would like to inform the doctor about your blood group in case of an emergency. Similar to this, today we have allergy bracelets. A blood group tattoo can be both stylish and life-saving. If you are interested in it, you can choose the favorite font or lettering to get a unique blood tattoo.

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