Why Get a Lion Head Tattoo?

Lion symbolizes power, strength and royalty. And lion head tattoos are popular among men. Lion head tattoos on the biceps, chest are commonly seen. Although, the tattoo can be a colorful one, most lion head tattoos are of black. A lion tattoo can either be realistic or a tribal one.

Designs of Lion Head Tattoo:
Tribal lion tattoos look stylish. They have cool curves and designs, which form a lion head. Other designs include a more realistic image of the lion. The mane, the eyes and other details are realistically portrayed.

Black is the common color used for a lion head. If colors are used, a combination of black, brown and blue eyes is used. The lion can be depicted as roaring, being angry, with a fierce look, or being calm. The depiction of the lion is important as the tattoo symbolization would depend on it.

Popular tattoo locations for the lion include the biceps, chest and the forearms. Muscular men love to get the lion tattoo on the biceps, back and chest. Twin lion heads on the chest also look good. Although, lion is associated with men, women can also get this tattoo. For women, the lion head on the back looks good.

Before getting a lion tattoo, choose if you want a realistic one or a tribal one. Both of them look equally attractive. After this, you can work on the expression of the lion. You can go through the various images of lion and decide upon this. Lion head tattoos look powerful, and make sure you find the best design for your lion head.

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