What is a Tattoo Transfer Paper?

Tattoo transfer paper is popularly used for temporary tattooing. These tattoos last for 3 weeks or more. The paper uses an adhesive to transfer the tattooed image onto the required location. A transfer paper is simple to use. The temporary tattoo gives you a feel of a permanent tattoo, and is a good option if you want to get a permanent one soon.

Initially, the transfer papers were ink-based and the image was transferred using water. However, nowadays, transfer papers use vegetable dyes and adhesives, which make the tattoo last for long time. If you choose not to have the temporary tattoo, you can remove it using oil.

The tattoo transfer papers available today can be used to print out your own tattoo. Using a printer, the image can transferred to the tattoo transfer paper. Later, the adhesive side of the paper is placed against the skin. When the paper is moistened, the image is transferred from the paper to the skin.

The various types of transfer paper include – transfer paper with vinyl backing, papers with vegetable dyes, and papers which do not require moistening etc.

Transfer Paper for Permanent Tattoos:
The transfer papers are also used to get an outline for the permanent tattoos. The tattoo artist firstly uses the transfer paper to get the outline of the image. An outline is transferred using the paper. Once the customer is pleased with the location, shape and size of the tattoo – the artist can go ahead with the tattoo. If he/she is not satisfied, the tattoo artist can remove the outline using alcohol.

Tattoo transfer papers are useful both for temporary and permanent tattoos. Hence, if you are confused about a design, get the temporary design using the transfer paper. If you like it, you can get a permanent one without further doubts.

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  1. what type of paper do you use?

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