Star Shoulder Tattoo

Stars are known to symbolize hope and good luck. They also have a great number of designs which make them a popular tattoo. If you want a shoulder tattoo, a star tattoo would be the ideal one. A star tattoo on the shoulder can be both masculine and feminine based on the design chosen.

Designs of Star Shoulder tattoo:

A trail of stars from the back, over the shoulder, and towards the collar bone looks attractive. This kind of tattoo is feminine. You can choose different colors for the stars. Stars with colored outlines such as blue, red, violet look good. A shooting star tattoo on the upper shoulder is also a good idea.

For men, star tattoo can enhance the biceps. You can choose a shooting star, nautical star, pentagram or a septagram. The star can either be having an outline or can be filled. A star tattoo with black outline is also preferred by many.

Star shoulder tattoo can be used to symbolize success, achievement, a new child or the passing away of the loved ones. The star with the light shining in the dark symbolizes truth and hope. It shows the victory of good over evil.

If you are looking for a shoulder tattoo, a star tattoo would look great. Among them shooting star tattoo on the upper shoulder looks great for women. Men can choose the star tattoo on their shoulders to enhance their biceps. So, get the star tattoo and get stylish.

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  1. I love star tattoo. I have a star tattoos on my back, ankle, shoulder and between my chest. Your post is right their are so many trendy star tattoos out their and makes me think where they are originated. To your post I’ve learn a lot. Thanks to the information posted.

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