The Significance of Bald Eagle Tattoo

The bald is the national bird and also the symbol of United States of America. It is a large bird, weighing up to 14 pounds. It has a brown body with a white head and tail. A bald eagle tattoo symbolizes freedom, free spirit, power and might. It is also one of the few tattoos which conveys patriotism.

Significance of Bald Eagle Tattoo:

The Bald eagle is known for its speed, power, and might. It is a powerful flier with an ability to grasp the prey with great speed and precision. So, a bald eagle tattoo symbolizes power, freedom, and strength. When tattooed on the chest or the arm, it looks masculine – which is the reason why many men prefer this tattoo.

The bald eagle also portrays the spirit of American patriotism. For this, the eagle tattoo is often combined with an American flag in the backdrop.

Designs of Bald Eagle Tattoo:
The tattoo can have the eagle head or the full body. The head of the bald eagle facing sidewards, in black and white, looks good. If you choose to have the full eagle, you can have the eagle flying or the eagle swooping down to grasp its prey. Some tattoos also include the prey in the tattoo.

For describing the American patriotic spirit, you can have the American flag in the background of the eagle. The flag can also be portrayed as wrapped around the bird. Some patriotic tattoos have the words liberty and strength engraved.

The location for the bald eagle tattoo can be the arm, bicep, chest or the back. The color of the eagle can be black and white or a brown body with a white tail (a more natural look). The bald eagle tattoo looks really great and appealing. So, go ahead and get your eagle tattoo done.

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