Why Choose a Scorpion Tribal Tattoo?

A scorpion is usually associated with death and pain. It also symbolizes passion, power, and strength. And this aspect of the scorpion has caught the imagination of many who prefer to have a scorpion tattoo. A scorpion tribal tattoo is generally black with quirky lines and a lot of abstraction. The tribal form of tattoo simply looks powerful and intense, and artistic too.

Significance of Scorpion Tribal Tattoo:
Scorpion tattoos are supposed to protect the wearer from death, pain and even the scorpion sting. They were used as a magic amulet. The sting of the scorpion, through its tail, is known to be painful or otherwise fatal. This symbolizes the strength of scorpion against its enemies. Though its small, a scorpion is looked upon as a powerful creature. So, if you would like to symbolize strength, power, intensity a scorpion tattoo would be ideal.

Designs of Scorpion Tribal Tattoo:
The scorpion tribal tattoo has a number of curvy lines and designs which add to the look of the scorpion. The scorpion can be depicted as less aggressive or latent or the scorpion can also be depicted as ready to sting its enemy. Most of the scorpion tribal tattoos use dark black colors. Red color can also be used for the tattoo.

The ideal placement for this tattoo would be the arm, back, chest, neck, or the forearm. The scorpion tattoo looks ideal on any location as it can be sized up or down, without losing its appeal. If you are looking for a tattoo which symbolizes power and strength, go for a scorpion tribal tattoo.

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