What is a UV tattoo?

Ultraviolet tattoos or blacklight tattoos are the ones which glow in the dark. The tattoo ink used for UV tattoos is thinner and more expensive. The UV ink tattoo glows from white to purple in the dark. UV tattoos are becoming popular, due to their unique glow in the dark. However, some of these tattoos can cause allergies or other reactions. So, its always recommended to get your tattoo from a professional tattoo artist.

Types of UV Tattoos:
Generally, UV tattoos are invisible in the light, but glow in the light. This is the reason why they are popular – you can hide your tattoos during the day and reveal them during the night. However, some people prefer having visible UV tattoos – tattoos which are visible during the day and still glow in the night.

The application of UV tattoos is a longer one when compared to the normal onces. The tattoo artist has to check the tattoo under the blacklight during the application process.

Aftercare of the UV tattoos involves keeping the tattoo away from sunlight for 1 to 3 months. Exposure of tattoo to sunlight can result in loss of glow or discoloration. Some of the UV tattoo also recommend keeping the tattooed area away from creams, perfumes and lotions.

Although UV tattoos look great, there have been complaints of allergies and reactions. The newer ink used for these tattoos is said to be improved and safer. However, it is better to do proper inquiry before going for a UV tattoo. Once you get a UV tattoo which is safe, it would surely be unique and stylish.

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