Significance of Star Wrist Tattoos

Star tattoos have been associated with hope, joy, inspiration, guidance and several other meanings. Stars are preferred on the wrist, as star designs are simple, colorful and can be enchanting. In fact, Lindsay Lohan has a small star on the inner wrist, along with the word “breathe.” A star wrist tattoo can have a single star or multiple star spread over the wrist.

Stars symbolize wonder, hope, souls of loved ones, and light etc. The stars are looked upon with wonder and awe. Over a period of time, many designs of stars have evolved. The nautical star, the star of David, and the nine-point star are some examples. So, a star wrist tattoo can not only look good, but can carry strong meaning.

Designs of Star Wrist Tattoos:

As wrist is a small area, star tattoos look more attractive if the design is kept simple. The wrist can have multiple stars or a single star. Multiple star designs include a bigger star followed by a number of smaller stars. The star can be filled with various colors.

A single star on the wrist also looks good. A small star on the wrist, with sharp edges looks cute. The star can either be plain black or can have various colors. The star wrist tattoo allows you to pick and choose your favorite colors and various star designs. You can also choose multiple star tattoos with a bracelet-type design.

The star wrist tattoo can be hidden with a wrist watch or a bracelet if the tattoo is small. So, choose the best design and get yourself the star wrist tattoo.

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