What is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

An eyebrow tattoo would be ideal for those who have sparse eyebrows or would like to have a more shapely eyebrows . An eyebrow tattoo can either be permanent or a temporary one. Most eyebrow tattoos are black and resemble the shape of normal eyebrows. However, some people also prefer other designs for their eyebrows.

Who are suitable for Eyebrow Tattoos?

following are the people who would be suitable for eyebrow tattoos:

  • Those with cosmetic allergies
  • Those with hair loss disorders
  • Those with Sparse eyebrows
  • Those who do not have time to put on make up

Some people have sparse eyebrows as they had plucked the facial hair previously. Such people would find eyebrow tattoos extremely beneficial. The same goes for people with hair loss disorders.

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos:
Eyebrow tattoos can either be temporary or permanent. Temporary ones can stay for 12 to 18 months on the face. However, do speak with your tattoo artist regarding the lifetime of the temporary tattoo.

Eyebrow tattoo Risks:
Sometimes the temporary eyebrow tattoo may last for longer than required time. Then it becomes a burden to get the tattoo removed. Hence, make sure you go to a renowned tattoo artist or a parlor so that you get the tattoo does not stay forever.

The shape and thickness of the eyebrow tattoo is important and should not be overlooked. Before you actually get tattooed, you should decide upon a particular shape. You can ask the artist for sample shapes and sizes

An eyebrow tattoo can improve the overall appearance of a person. So, if you are worried about your sparse eyebrow hair, its time to get an eyebrow tattoo.

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