Why Get a Phoenix Bird Tattoo?

Phoenix is a mythological bird, which holds significance in several cultures and writings. This bird is special as it is believed that it burns itself and rises from its own ashes. Hence, a phoenix bird tattoo represents courage, resilience, persistence in the face of adversity. A phoenix bird tattoo can be a very special tattoo which can be a reminder to strive and never give up.

Significance of Phoenix Bird Tattoo:
The phoenix bird gets its name from the Greek work ‘red’. The bird is believed to live for 500- to 1000-year span and burn itself down after building a nest. Then it rises itself from its own ashes as a young bird. Thus a phoenix bird tattoo can symbolize courage, resilience, persistence. So, if you have just overcome a difficult situation, you can go for this tattoo. Also if you think that you are going to make courage a part of your life, getting this tattoo would be a good idea.

Designs of Phoenix Bird Tattoo:
Phoenix is symbolized as a long-legged , long necked, and a graceful bird. The colors used for this tattoo are red, black and gold. The bird is usually drawn with the sun as the background. The bright colors give the bird a fierce look.

Men prefer to get the phoenix bird tattoo on their biceps, chest, shoulder. Women prefer this location lower back, upper back and the abdomen.

The phoenix bird tattoo is not only artistic and attractive, but it holds a powerful meaning. So, go ahead and check out the designs and the phoenix tattooed.

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